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CQ5 Developer tidbits

February 4, 2012

While working with Adobe CQ5 every now and then you discover some new tricks or options, here the list that I use daily:
1. Remove #cf/
Don’t want to see/wait for the content-finder while refereshing pages, just remove #cf/ in your url.
2. ?debug=layout
Shows you all details of the components used on your page
3. ?debugConsole=true
Runs Firebug Lite inside your browser
4. ?wcmmode=(edit|preview|design|disabled)
This parameter sets your WcmMode in the specified mode, makes testing for a particular WcmMode easier .
5. ?debugClientLibs=true
Writes out all Clientlib categories as separate files (check your HTML-source).
In combination with ?debugClientLibs=true will show you timing information of your page
7. http://server/libs/cq/ui/content/dumplibs.html
Shows you all information around the clientlibs used in your CQ5-environment


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One Comment
  1. I got tired of changing the URL back and forth with wcmmode=disabled to get a ‘real’ preview, so I created a bookmarklet for doing it automatically. It preserves all hash and query string values:

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