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Reset forgot admin password in Day/Adobe CQ5.4

March 22, 2012

The below text is directly taken from web site:
System administration ‘admin’ account is the member of the administrator group, with full access rights.
This account is used for the connection between CQ WCM and CRX.
As such its configuration cannot be edited – with the exception of the password.

The forgot or lost admin password can be restored to default in /crx-quickstart/server/etc/server.xml file. Replacing below lines will help to change password back to admin.

* adpexzg3FUZAk is equivalent crypt text of admin password.

Note: This is applicable to only CQ 5.4 and older versions; as the directory structure seems to be changed in CQ 5.5.


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  1. esaiventhan permalink

    We recently had this issue but unfortunately, we did not had this repository xml implementation. To deal with this, we opened a daycare ticket and Adobe came up with an external utility application which was executed. This reset to default password.

    • Yes they seems to have changed this. What is the tool suggested by Adobe for resetting the password?

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