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Import JSTL Custom tags to Adobe CQ5

October 26, 2012

Steps to add JSTL 2.0 custom tags to Adobe CQ5:

1. Create custom tag

Create your own custom tag at location say /apps/myproject/taglibs/foo.tag and the contents of the tag are as below:

<%@ attribute name="greeting" required="true" %>
<%@ attribute name="name" required="true" %>
<h1>Im a custom taglib [${greeting}, ${name}]</h1>

2. Use tags in a html or jsp page:
To use Custom Tag Lib Files within CQ5 and you can just add a tag file somewhere on the JCR and reference it via

<%@ taglib tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags/apps/myproject/taglibs" prefix="ctags" %>
<ctags:foo greeting="Hello" name="CQ User"/>

Note that the “/WEB-INF/tags/” need to be prefixed the path where the tag libs exist.

3. Add below code to the maven-assembly plugin


The output directory filter need to be created for the tag as the custom tags need to be copied from /apps/myproject/taglibs to WEB-INF/tags/apps/myproject/taglibs.


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One Comment
  1. is there any way to accomplish this without maven? I.E purely in CQ/CRX DE Lite

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