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How to set a unique and strong password for a site

November 20, 2012

It is becoming a challenge to set different/unique password for each of the websites for login purposes. Some times we end up having same password for most of the login accounts like an   email(gmail/yahoo/hotmail), office logins, bank logins, linked etc etc.

I found an interesting way of solving this issue:


example password for linked-in: $%Sundaylinkedin1245

example password for gmail: $%Sundaygmail1245

example password for a bank login: $%Sundaymybank1245

So in above examples though the password is unique it is but easy to remember as the text marked in bold is different (based on login site) and rest of the character will remain same.

Also it satisfies the condition of having a special-character, alpha-numeric, upper case; and most importantly it is unique for a given site.


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